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Master Guide Uniform Policy

Master Guide Uniform:

  • Real
  • Visible
  • Emblematic of the ideals of the ministry
  • Represents an ideal standard
  • Represents loyalty
  • Binds members into closer fellowship
  • Appeals to those not yet members to join
  • Becomes a builder of club spirit


Adventurer Master Guide Uniform

  • White shirt with long sleeves for men & ladies
  • Blue Jacket (Optional) - - not a requirement for investiture
  • Navy Blue pants for men
  • Navy Blue beret with MG logo
  • Navy blue skirts for ladies (3 inches below your knees)
  • Blue Tie for men
  • Blue Ladies tie (from Advent Source)
  • Black flat shoes for ladies (close heels & toes)
  • Black shoes for men
  • Black or navy blue sheer pantyhose for ladies
  • Navy blue socks for men
  • Scarf (with Adventurer colour stripes)


Pathfinder Master Guide Uniform

  • Khaki shirt with long sleeves for men & ladies
  • Green jacket (Optional) - not a requirement for investiture
  • Green pants for men
  • Green beret with MG logo
  • Green skirts for ladies (3 inches below your knees)
  • Black Tie for men
  • Black Ladies tie (from Advent Source)
  • Black flat shoes for ladies (close heels & toes)
  • Black shoes for men
  • Black sheer pantyhose for ladies
  • Black socks for men
  • Scarf (with Pathfinder colour stripes)
     - All  Master Guides will wear the NAD-approved Master Guide scarf
  • Name Tags
  • Lanyard



  • Basic uniform requirement for MG investiture includes all abovementioned items except the jacket, which is optional.
  • Black pants or skirts are accepted uniform for Pathfinder Master Guides as per NAD uniform policy voted in 2012. Thus, Pathfinders transitioning to the Master Guide program may be invested in their black pants or skirts.
  • If MG jacket is worn, it is not necessary to wear the honor sash as well. 
  • Wearing the NAD-approved scarf for Adventurer/Pathfinder Master Guides is a must to differentiate our uniform from those worn by military officers.
  • Insignia should be pinned at the proper place as shown below.



  • Type A Uniform

•      Custom Uniform – 215 Carlingview Dr., Etobicoke, ON  M9W 5X8

        416-675-7279 (Ask for Mario)


  • Type B Uniform Shirt

•      Advent North Canada -   alvin@adventnorthcanada.com


  • Name Tags

•      Pat Patrick – 416-346-5448  - precisionlabs@rogers.com



  • Accessories

•      www.adventsource.org




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Dear Ontario Master Guides, OCAC /OCPC/OCMGC Executive Committee members, Adventurer/Pathfinder club directors and staff,

Special greetings to all!

Whereas, the North American Division Youth Department has made an action back in 2012 that “the Master Guide headgear is optional for conferences. However, if a conference decides to wear the beret, it should have the MG logo as the flask or patch” (MG#12.03, NAD MG minutes, voted on March 5, 2012, Greensboro, NC);

Whereas, on March 10, 2015, during the annual NAD Master Guide Committee meeting held in Lincoln, NE, the matter was revisited and reemphasized for implementation across the NAD territory;

Whereas, in the spirit of alignment and unity, the Ontario Conference is committed in respecting and concurring the directives coming from the higher administrative level of our church (that is, NAD);

Therefore, in compliance with the abovementioned NAD action as clarified by Elder James Black, NAD Youth Director (see attached letter), all Master Guides in the Ontario Conference, irrespective of their ministry involvement or the event they are attending where wearing of a complete type A uniform is required, that the beret they wear will have the MG patch/flask and not the Pathfinder or Adventurer logo.

This directive is effective immediately.

Thanks for your cooperation and for representing Christ well as you fulfill your duties as Master Guides.

Always ready to serve,


Pastor Edwin Martin

Adventurer, Pathfinder, and Master Guide Ministries Director,

Ontario Conference