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Ontario Conference Master Guide Council



Ontario Conference Master Guide Council (OCMGC)

Purpose:  An organization of Master Guide clubs registered with the Ontario Conference that exists to equip and empower Master Guides (MGs) and Master Guide Trainees (MGTs) in discipling children and youth effectively.

Frequency of Meeting:          Annually (General meeting held at the Master Guide Convention)


OCMGC Executive Committee

Purpose: An executive body in-charge of the oversight of the Master Guide Ministry in the Ontario Conference with emphases on leadership development, discipleship, and evangelism.



¨ Elected Executive Officers (i.e., Executive Coordinator, Secretary and Assistant Secretary, Chaplain and Assistant Chaplain, and District Coordinators)

¨ One representative from each of the following:

            - Ontario Conference Adventurer Council

            - Ontario Conference Pathfinder Council

            - Ontario Conference Master Guide Council (One MG club director with one year term)

¨ Ex Officio Member: Conference Master Guide Director


Frequency of Meeting:          Quarterly

Term of Office:                       Three years

Elected by the OCMGC at the Triennial Convention

Accountable to the Master Guide Ministry of the Ontario Conference.



1. To provide leadership training that includes Master Guide Leadership Course and Recertification Program in partnership with the Adventurer and Pathfinder Councils.

2. To assist the Adventurer and Pathfinder Ministries in their discipleship programs.


3.  To deploy Master Guides for Disaster Response, community outreach endeavors in collaboration with the Ontario Conference Adventist Community Services and ADRA Canada.


4. To plan and organize annual events that promote the cultivation of the physical, mental, social, and spiritual aspects of life.


     (i.e., MG Bible Experience, heritage tours, excursions, mission trips, backpacking, survival campouts, OMG Extreme Challenge, fun runs, etc.)

Master Guide District Association

Purpose: Headed by the OCMGC District Coordinator, this association will foster healthy working relationships among invested Master Guides and MGTs in the district, who serve in the Adventurer, Pathfinder, and Youth Ministries of the church.

Frequency of Meetings:    At least twice a year

Activities:                            Social events and joint initiatives


Master Guide Club


Purpose: To provide Master Guide training for youth and young adults (ages 16 and older) to equip them for effective Christian service.

Frequency of Meetings:    At least once a month



1. Emphasize spiritual and personal growth for a more intimate relationship with Christ.

2. Participate in conference-sponsored Master Guide events.

3. Provide assistance to the Adventurer, Pathfinder, and Youth Ministries of the local church in leadership, discipleship, and outreach endeavors.

4. Conduct the Master Guide Leadership Course in harmony with the North American Division’s MG curriculum and in collaboration with the OCMGC Executive Committee.*

5. Organize plans for AY Honor classes.

6. Foster camaraderie among club members through recreational and relationship-building activities.




a. Club Director – Serves as over-all coordinator for the local Master Guide Club


b. Deputy Directors (4)


 - For Leadership Training – Responsible for planning and coordinating the Master Guide Leadership Course (i.e., MGTprogram for both the Adventurer and Pathfinder tracks) and AY Honour classes.


 - For Discipleship – Liaises with the local Adventurer and Pathfinder clubs in mentoring children and teens for vibrant Christian life and service.


 - For Outreach – Tasked to plan and coordinate outreach/evangelism programs, mission-service projects, and disaster ministry.


 - For Recreation – Responsible in providing health-promoting and relationship-building activities. 


c. Secretary – Takes minutes of all staff meetings and sends notices to members.


d. Treasurer – Responsible for making an annual budget, collection of dues, and monthly financial reports.


e. Chaplain – Provides spiritual programming for the nurture of members to Christian maturity.




* -   The MG club will be in-charge of the MGT program. However, the 10-hour BST will still be handled by either the Adventurer or Pathfinder Councils.


NOTE: The primary members of the MG club are the MGTs. Not all invested Master Guides are obliged to be members of the MG club except for those who comprise the staff. However, Master Guides serving in either Adventurer or Pathfinder ministries can be invited as presenters for specific seminars or as mentors to MGTs as they fulfill their “Club Involvement” requirements within 12 months. 


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OCMGC Executive Committee

(Term of Office: 2017-2020)

Executive Coordinator:  Michelene Salmon (short bio)

Secretary:   Cassandre Fils

Asst. Secretary:  Lyneesa Fletcher

Chaplain:  Pastor David James

Asst. Chaplain:  Pastor Kenton Perrin

District Coordinators:

- Alex Fedée (Metro West)

- Carla Bromfield (Southwest)

- Gracelyn Grant (Durham)

- Naudia Larrow (Metro Central)

- Sophia Dailey (Peel)

- Yves Thelys (Eastern)

- Jean Racine (Metro East)

(Northern District will be covered by Mich Salmon)

Advisor:  Pastor Edwin Martin (Conference MG Director)